School Meals

Our school dinners are prepared in our own school kitchen each day.  The children generally have two choices of main course: one  homemade option with the remaining option usually being a jacket potato or baguette with a choice of fillings.  A homemade option is offered for pudding with fruit and yogurt also being available each day. 

Packed lunches are always an option for your child should you feel our provision does not meet your childs' needs. Please give at least one weeks notice if you wish to change your arrangements to ensure adequate provision is catered for. Below is a link to the NHS site for advice on packed lunches.

We will always endeavour to cater for specific dietary requirements where the general menu doesn’t meet them.

Under the Universal Infant Free School Meals programme, all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are offered a lunch free of charge on a daily basis.  From Year 3 onwards, meals are payable. The cost is £2.10 per day. Parents have the choice of paying for school dinners on a weekly or half-termly basis.  Credit is given for any meals not taken.  Towards the end of each term, we send parents the menus and costs for the following half term. 

At lunchtime, children have the choice of receiving water or milk.  Milk is free for children up to the age of 5 and is payable for those age 5 and upwards.

Menus and details of costs for the current half term are shown as attachments below.